Mori no Kabe

“Mori no Kabe” (literally “Forrest Wall” ) is a system that uses the new “Pafcal” material to bring greenery to wall surfaces without the need for soil. It is substantially thinner and slimmer than conventional wall greenification systems, in which thickness and size quickly become problems. The ability to freely design greenery brings new potential for greenification to walls in shops, offices and public spaces across the city.


Structure of Mori no Kabe

Using tree-beased plants, dynamic planting, optimum for exterior green wall.
60plants per sqm. installed diagonally with 45degree angle.

・Thin type with thickness 180mm. (when filled up with water the weight is around 55kg/㎡) It can be order made in various sizes.
・Reproduce the forest of the city by selecting plant which grows larger in outdoor.

1. We will advice and suggest the plants.
2. By replacing the Pafcal with plant, you can seasonally change your green wall design.
3. This is an automatic watering system, so no hassle about watering the green wall.


Net Cube building - elevator hall area

Order made “Mori no Kabe”

The plant boxes will adapt to the specific wall, exterior and interior. The plant boxes will be stack one by one vertically and horizontally.
The watering is automatic irrigation. Please feel free to contact us.


Net Park building - parking area


Financial Times office - workstation area


8 Rockwell building - Equi-parco office entrance area