Green To Blue

Change the meaning of greenery, changing the value of the greenery. We are Flax Midori Projects, Inc.
Our first step into urban greenification was the development of “Pafcal,” a new material that replaces soil. By combining this new growth medium with our “Midori no Yane” rooftop greenery system and “Hana no Kabe” green wall system, we have created a way for urban dwellers to participate in the creation of perpetually green environments. Greenery is no longer merely decorative. We believe turning cities green is the best way to keep pur planet blue.

About Midorie

Midorie is an environmental greening business brand of Suntory.
The 3 main characteristics are:

1. The development of “Pafcal” for a better water cultivation system.
2. The rich knowledge of plants and the diversity of planting variation.
3. The sophisticated maintenance system.



Green wall [Hana no Kabe]

The thickness is only about 18cm (without the plants). You can enjoy the green wall from the day we installed it with our automatic irrigation greening equipment system. The plants will grow healthy and longer because no more problem of flowed soil or uneven watering.

Espesially “Pafcal” is an innovative new material which solve the problems of the conventional greening:
・“Pafcal” is lighter than soil
・“Pafcal” has no soil, so no mess
・“Pafcal” plants do not die easily